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How Vinyl Fencing Becomes Damaged

How Vinyl Fencing Becomes Damaged

Find out how your vinyl fencing can become damaged so that you know how to protect it.

For anyone with vinyl fencing in their yard, you want to be aware of all of the ways it can be damaged. This way, you can be proactive and take precautions so that you can avoid these situations entirely. Find out how your vinyl fencing can become damaged so that you know how to protect it.

Cracks and Holes

Have you noticed holes or cracks in your vinyl fencing? There are a few ways this could happen. Sometimes, it’s due to excess sun exposure. Other times, the damage is weather-related. It’s also possible that your fence has just gotten old. These causes are unavoidable, and you can only prolong your fence’s life with proper maintenance.

However, there is one cause of fence cracks and holes that can be prevented: blunt force from objects. Therefore, to prevent cracks and holes in your vinyl fence, make sure you’re careful if you ever use tools around your fence. If you have children who use toys near your fence, be sure they don’t intentionally use too much force against your fence while they’re playing.

Broken Rails, Pickets, and Posts

Fence railing, pickets, and posts all tend to be pretty hollow. While this is great for cutting down material costs, it makes them more susceptible to damage. Among the possible ways that posts, pickets, and railing can be damaged, there are the following:

  • Excess weight (such as from snow that piles up)
  • Freezing and thawing cycles
  • Falling debris (such as tree branches that land on your fencing)

To keep damage to a minimum, keep large hazards away from your fence to the best of your abilities. It also helps to keep nearby trees trimmed so that you make it less likely for branches to fall onto your fence later.

Damaged Panels

Fence panels are great for providing an effective barrier between yours and your neighbors’ properties. Unfortunately, with enough strength from a storm, or a sufficient amount of snowfall, these panels are prone to failing.

Proper maintenance of these panels is vital because it lets you detect signs of damage early on. This way, you can address problems before they get the opportunity to escalate. In some situations, with severe enough damage, panels might need to be replaced.

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