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3 Ways a Fence Adds Home Value

Looking for a way to make your home stand out from others? A great way to do that is by installing or repairing a fence. Fences provide a nice to design to a home. They also are able to help with different concerns that come with owning a home. There are many ways that fences are able to add value to your home and property. Here are three ways a fence adds home value. 

Install or repair a fence to add value to your home

Install or repair a fence to add value to your home

Curb Appeal

Home value is strongly influenced by how attractive your home is. A bare house with no hardscaping can only go so far. Think of your home in a way of a model. To make your home a model you need accessories to increase the value. A fence is a pretty asset to a home. Fences give you more options to decorate your front and backyard. There are many fence selections that complement a nice landscape.

Road Noise

A common concern for homeowners is road noise. Living with a busy highway behind you can be very bothersome. As more cars are on the highway it increases the possibility of loud honking cars and traffic causing disruption in a quiet home. Fences add a way to block out those unwanted noises from the road. When a homebuyer sees that a fence is already there it can take the burden off of them trying to add one.

Children and Pets

The chances of a homebuyer having a child or pet is very high. Having a fence lowers the possibility of a child running into the woods or street. Child safety is made easier with a fence. Another reason that people install fences is to keep their pets from wandering off. High fences add more value because they make it harder for pets to get away from a home.

Increase your Home Value with a Great Quality Fence

When you are ready for a residential or commercial fence that will meet the security and aesthetic needs of your family or business, trust the experts at Hercules Fence.  For more information and to learn how we can meet your custom fencing needs, contact Hercules Fence online or give us a call at 800-395-9597. We will ensure your investment serves your family for years to come! For updates and to see projects we’re working on, visit us on FacebookTwitter, LinkedInYouTubeGoogle+, and Pinterest.


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