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Restoring Rusty Wrought Iron Fencing

Restoring Rusty Wrought Iron Fencing

If you have wrought iron fencing that hasn’t been getting the maintenance and upkeep it needs, you may be able to restore it. Read on to learn more.

Wrought iron fencing is one of the most sturdy fencing options available today. Few things come close to the strength and durability of this type of metal fencing. It is not without its drawbacks however. While it is unmatched in terms of stability and aesthetics, it requires considerable maintenance sometimes to keep it that way. Unlike wood and even aluminum fencing, wrought iron rusts. And this rust can lead to structural instability if it is left alone. It also doesn’t look nice. Well-maintained wrought iron fencing is beautiful! But rusty fencing is just scary. If you have wrought iron fencing that hasn’t been getting the maintenance and upkeep it needs, you may be able to restore it. Read on to learn more.


Get Rid Of The Rust

The first thing that you need to do is examine how much rust there is and how much damage it has caused. If it is just surface rust, you are safe to remove it and restore your fence. If the rust has eaten the metal anywhere or left large divots or depressions, you should have a fencing professional check it out before you put too much effort into the project. The fence may need to be replaced, or sections replaced. If the rust is all surface rust, go ahead and remove it with rust remover, a sandblaster, or sanding paper. Remove the old paint so that the new coats will adhere evenly. Once the rust is removed, neutralize the metal to prevent future rust. You can use a commercial rust neutralizer or make your own by combining equal parts lemon juice and vinegar.


Prep Before Paint

Paint the entire fence with a rust-inhibiting primer to seal the metal from the damaging effects of moisture. The primer will also prepare the metal for the actual paint that you will apply next. Apply two coats of primer to the entire fence.



After priming (and allowing it to dry as directed), apply two coats of paint to your fence. The paint should be formulated for metal and a rust-proofing version. Make sure that the coats are thick and thoroughly cover all of the surface of the fence.


Commit To The Maintenance

Finally, once you’ve done this work, don’t throw it away by slacking on maintenance. Check it regularly for signs of peeling or cracking and for any signs that rust is returning.

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