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Custom Iron Fences Video – Hercules Fence

Being in a specialty metals world, being a finished product, there’s no room for error.

We deal with a lot of the stuff that the other guys don’t want to do, with all the fancy aluminum for the laser cut panels.

It has to be aesthetically beautiful, but it also has to be structurally sound.

It doesn’t come off my table unless I like it. It would be good enough put in my own yard.

Here at Hercules Custom Iron, it’s craftsmanship in every job.

I don’t have any welders here, I have fabricators here and they’re all very good at what they do.

The guys here are old breed. Even the younger guys, they come from an education in welding and fabrication that you don’t find in many shops.

We all kind of put it on ourselves. We take it that far because we have the equipment to do it and the knowhow. So you kind of take a little bit more pride in your work.

There’s a little piece of me in each one of these jobs. You look at the customer when they see it for the first time, it’s like a bowl ice cream — they’re melting.

We’re able to take on specialty jobs, glass rail, stainless steel, mesh… But then when we’re needed to, we can work with our general contractors and do some production-type fence as well.

Whether it’s a canopy or a trellis, pergola, balcony rails, were self contained. We have pretty much everything we need here for the fabrication to the powder coating.

If you need to get a job down with the quicker, certain parts of it, you have control.

That’s huge for us. Well we can keep the quality from A to Z.

A lot of times in the iron business, people get busy. Having those controls in-house gives us the ability to really compete in that space.

Our big thing is service. The only thing service is second to is the quality and the beauty of the product that we make.

You know, somebody that takes pride in what is something that they do, just, you can’t teach that.

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