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Custom High Security Fences Video by Hercules Fence

Hercules High Security is a division of Hercules fence and we specialize in perimeter security, crash-rated products, and really forced protection. That’s active or passive crash barriers, the infrastructure for the actual crash-rated products. Custom gates, regular gates, gate operators, anything that actuates, which means move.

There’s the physical manual part of putting the equipment in and then there’s the technical part of wiring it up, programming it and making it move.

We’ve done work at three-letter agencies. We’ve done work at all different types of embassies where we’ve actually built and helped design the perimeters to these embassies.

It can be a challenge to try and meet the demands for some of the government agencies, but we are set up to be able to handle the work both administratively and with manpower.

Some US-citizen-only jobs, some jobs that require a very in-depth background check, no blemishes on your record.

You have to have the right people in place to get those jobs done. We excel in that capacity.

Protecting the country, protecting the people who protect us, I think that’s awesome. But in the same breath it’s really complicated.

There’s a lot of effort to train the customer, the end user, on how to use and maintain those assets.

I don’t think a lot of people can do what Hercules does, so we take a lot of pride in how we approach the process.

It’s plan, plan, plan.

It’s completely turnkey.

The Devil’s in the details, and that’s really one of our strengths.

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