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How to reap the benefits from a good Privacy Fence and proper Lawn care

Do you want more privacy for your home and better lawn grass?

Hercules Fence can help you address your homeowner concerns.

With a privacy fence (such as a wood fence), you can have all the privacy you want but you must maintain proper care for the best fence functionality and beautification of your home.

A wood fence that’s not properly maintained will rot. Pressure treated wood is the best type of wood material to use for backyard fences. You will have no worry about insects eating your fence away or your privacy fence suffering from water damage.

Not to mention the fence being repellent to insects and moisture can help you create a marvelous garden right in the comfort of your backyard. Your backyard could become your new sanctuary.

Within your garden you can tie your hammock up to trees or posters for a wonderful nap.

Here at Hercules Fence we pay attention to architectural detail to design the perfect fence for your landscape and home security needs. Our custom wood fences are durable, pressure treated ACQ lumber or you can choose to have your custom wood remain untreated cedar. Have a look at our gallery now.

Additionally, here are some lawn care tips to help you beautify your home today:

  • Water your lawn in the morning to prevent water from settling too long in the soil while hydrating your lawn adequately. You should water your lawn at least 2 times a week.
  • Mow tall to prevent lawn damage such as damage grass blades and fungus development.
  • Don’t mow the grass when it is wet. Wet grass spreads fungal spores quickly.

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