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Making Sure Your Pets Can’t Dig Beneath Your Fencing


Making Sure Your Pets Can’t Dig Beneath Your Fencing

Here are ways you can stop your pets from digging beneath your fencing.

Taking care of a fence can be a chore sometimes, given that fences are exposed to plenty of environmental circumstances throughout the year. On top of that, for those with pets, you also have to worry about them digging underneath your fence. You don’t want your pets getting out of your yard, so it’s important to have measures in place that prevent burrowing from being an option. Here are ways you can stop your pets from digging beneath your fencing.

Dig a Trench

If you have a pet dog, they’ll usually be able to see gaps around the bottom of your fencing. You can prevent them from seeing these gaps if you dig a trench. Usually, trenches will be roughly ten centimeters both in width and depth.

After the trench has been created, you can take some post and fill it in. Use a hammer to pack the post in firmly, while also creating an even surface on the ground. You can pack it even further if you drive nails through your post’s sides.

Lay Down Some Chicken Wire

Another way to discourage pets from digging under your fencing is to lay down some chicken wire. Simply put a layer of wire underneath your trench area. This makes it much more difficult for pets to dig around your fencing area. You could even staple your wire to your trench if you really want to be sure it stays secure. After the wire is laid down, you can pack the trench by using some dirt.

Block Off Escape Routes With Rocks

Rocks are another solution you can try. Not only can you block off escape routes below your fencing, but you can even get decorative with the rocks you choose. You will need to remove any grass and landscaping within a foot of the area first, and this can be done by using a shovel. Once that’s done, simply choose rocks that fit the aesthetic you want for your landscape, and you’re good to go.

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