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What are the Best Residential Fences for Dog Friendly Gardens?

Are you designing a dog friendly garden this spring? If yes, Hercules Fence and No Fault are here to help you design an attractive and safe garden for you and your pet.

This article will provide you an overview of the best garden fences around to help you design that perfect dog friendly garden.

When designing a dog friendly garden, you need to acknowledge that you do not have to sacrifice the beauty of your garden to create a landscape that is dog friendly.

The dog friendly garden should be comfortable and safe for you, your dog and your plants.

To meet all your needs, you must immediately address the needs of your dog.

Most dogs will run around a garden and trample on your flowers if you allow it.

By creating a dogscape, you will have no need to worry about your dog injuring his or her self nor will you have to worry about your plants being destroyed.

What should be included in a dog friendly garden?

Here are just a few of our dog friendly garden recommendations:

  • Flagstones to create a gentle hardscape for the dog to walk and run upon.
  • Mulch to create good bedding for your dog.
  • Raised beds made of decorative stone, wood fencing or decorative brick.
  • Container gardens
  • A dog run for plenty of exercise that does not interfere with your garden.

Hercules Fence’s partner No Fault can provide excellent surface areas for your dog throughout the garden.

As for fencing, Hercules Fence can handle all your needs. Dog friendly fencing should is a solid fence. It should be at least 4ft high to 6ft high.

The dog fence should have no large wedges between boards to prevent your dog from trampling your hard work.

Here are great dog-friendly fences:

  • Custom Wood Fencing. Here at Hercules Fence our custom wood fencing will provide your dog friendly garden a natural and rustic look to perfectly complement your home landscape. Custom wood fences can be privacy fences, semi-privacy, or decorative fences. Hercules Fence is here to accommodate your wood fencing needs.
  • Ornamental Aluminum Fencing. Hercules Fence is one of the top dealers in the United States for Aluminum Fencing. The custom-made aluminum fences from Hercules Fence will accommodate any garden style and beautify your landscape without limiting the picturesque view of your garden. Our ornamental aluminum fencing comes in black, white, bronze and hunter green.

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