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Getting Fencing Installed When the Ground is Uneven

Getting Fencing Installed When the Ground is Uneven

Today, we’ll be going over what makes installing fencing so difficult on uneven ground and what methods you can use to get your fence set up.

It’s very rare to have a yard that is entirely flat. More often than not, you’re going to encounter yards that have uneven ground. Hills are going to make many landscaping tasks more difficult, and one of these tasks is the installation of a fence. Today, we’ll be going over what makes installing fencing so difficult on uneven ground and what methods you can use to get your fence set up.

Why is Installing Fencing on Uneven Ground Challenging?

The more uneven the ground is, the more challenging it is to get your fence set up. When installing fences on flat ground, fences have three components. There are vertical posts that are firmly inserted in the ground. These posts help keep the rails supported. There will also be horizontal rails. They are usually there to hold your pickets. Lastly, you have vertical pickets, which get applied to your rails, which then helps your fence achieve whatever appearance you want.

The problem with sloped surfaces is that the basic structure of a fence is compromised. Posts will be at different levels, and you can’t connect pickets and rails to them. However, a couple solutions exist for this problem.

Level-Topped Fencing

Level-topped fencing is suitable for yards that have more rises and dips in them rather than a slope. These fences are very similar to those you would get installed on flat surfaces, except you will have a top that remains level for the length of the fence.

If you don’t have a slope in your yard, but rather you have a few dips in your landscape, you can do some landscaping to get your level-topped fencing ready. Use grass seed and soil to fill up any low spots you have. If you have any bigger dips, it might be necessary to use some rocks or gravel as filler and put dirt over all of it. You could also choose to mask any irregular areas of your fence with greenery, such as bushes.

Stepped Fencing

For yards with steeper slopes, stepped fencing will probably be the best choice available. If you get stepped fencing, every panel is going to be one step above the previous one. It isn’t as smooth as traditional fences, but it works when your yard’s slopes are too steep for any other kind of fence.

One major drawback stepped fencing has is that there are triangular openings between every panel you have and your sloped ground. This will become problematic for people who have young children or pets. A possible solution you can use for this problem is to fill these spaces by using grass seed and soil. You might also be able to use bushes or planters if your spaces aren’t too large.

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