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Fence Replacement or Repair?

fence replacement

If your fence is in such a state of disrepair, it can be less expensive to replace it.

You may be wondering if fence replacement or repair will be a less expensive and better option for you. While fence replacement can be less expensive than repair, this is not always the case. To determine which option is better for your fence and budget, take these things into consideration.

What Materials Will Your Project Require?

One of the largest costs to factor into any construction project is the materials which will be used. Don’t think of costs in terms of only your fence itself (whether it is made of vinyl, aluminum, iron, or wood) but all of the other things which go into keeping a fence standing. These include fence posts, fasteners, and fence caps. This can also include landscaping materials which surround your fence and paint or stain. A repairing a fence will always require fewer materials than building a new one from scratch. However, sourcing parts to match an older or more specialized fence can be an expensive headache all on its own.  

What Will The Labor Costs Be?

While it seems simply to say that installing a fence requires more labor, and therefore a higher expense, this is not always the case. While a new fence comes with a straightforward cost and time table, fence replacement does not always. Your contractor may get started and find significant damages, or need to take apart entire parts of your fence and reassemble them, which takes more time. Sourcing parts can also pose a problem. This makes the labor when it comes to replacement potentially more expensive and harder to quantify up front.

Is DIY Right For You?

That largely depends on you and your fence. If you are a handy DIYer that relishes a challenge, feel free to take a crack at it, however, as you are not a professional, this can take you a very long time. While DIY can appear to save you money up front as you do not pay for labor, if you end up having to pay for someone to correct, tear down, or build the fence anyway after you sank all that money into it, it can actually end up costing you more.

Need Some Extra Help Preparing for Hurricane Matthew?

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