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Prep Your Wooden Fence for Fall

prep wooden fence

Like it or not (but why wouldn’t you?) fall is on it’s way and you need to get your fence ready.

Can you feel that? That slight chill on the morning air? The slightly less stifling heat is finally making it’s way in and we are only a few weeks out from that glorious season known as fall. Before the change is in full swing, take a few hours to check out your fence and make sure it’s ready for the colder months.

Look for Damage

Inspecting for damage is the first step for any type of fence prep or maintenance. For wooden fences, check the posts and boards to see if anything is loose or rotting. If a post or board is loose a nail should do, but any signs of rot can be a much bigger issue. The last thing to check is the latches and gates. Any rusted hardware or sagging gates need to be taken care of.


Late summer and into early fall is the perfect window to stain and waterproof your fence. A good coat of stain will protect your fence during fall storms and winter snow.

Keep the Leaves Away

It’s tempting to want to rake all of your leaves into the farthest corner of your yard and forget about it. The problem is that all of those leaves collect moisture when it rains and turn into one giant pile of rot. The moisture can get trapped between your fence and the pile of leaves, leading to the moisture eventually getting into your fence and damaging it.

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