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The Benefits of Bench Fences

Do you have a beach front home that needs to be protected from the ocean?

Hercules Fence can build you a fence.

The best fences to install on the beach are wrought iron. The posts of the fence can accommodate the sandy environment.

The fence installation should be completed on the perimeter of your beach front property for utmost security.

Some beach home owners prefer fence installation from the dunes to halfway the surf of the ocean.

You can estimate the length the fence will need to cover by locating the natural concrete boundaries hidden in the sand.

It is also important to identify where sand was taken from salt water and storms.

Many beach homes were damaged by Hurricane Irene because they did not have fences that protected them from water damage.

No beach front fence can be more than 6ft high when facing the street nor can it be more than 4ft high facing your neighbors property.

Even after your beach fence is built, it’s important to still use sand bags when storms are forecasted.

If you do not prefer a wrought iron fence, you can have a privacy fence or wooden fence installed for your beach property.

Wood fences are preferential sanding fencing as well as snow fencing.

Here are some of the many benefits beach fences can offer:

– Dune Erosion Prevention
-Coastline Preservation
– Vegetation Preservation
– Sand blowing prevention for highways
-Improve habitat ecology
-And more!

Learn about our fences today.

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