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Causes of Fence Sagging

Causes of Fence Sagging

Let’s take some time to go over potential causes of fence sagging.

It’s likely that you’ve seen a yard that has a sagging fence at some point in your life. When a fence leans to one side, it makes your yard look less appealing. There are many reasons your fence could lean, and knowing the causes can help you prevent this problem in your own yard. Let’s take some time to go over potential causes of fence sagging.

Damage Caused by the Weather

When the weather gets intense enough, it can take a big toll on your fence. The extra strain your fence sustains due to the weather can cause it to lean. After the first noticeable damage sets in, all subsequent storms will only cause further damage.

Your Fence Has Low-Quality Hardware

Even if your fence is made from high-quality fencing material, using poor hardware to connect the pieces together can still result in fence sagging taking place. Always avoid using poor hardware such as rusty nails when constructing your fence because this will result in your fence boards shifting out of place as time goes on.

Your Fence Was Not Installed Properly

Whenever fences aren’t constructed with strong enough foundations, it won’t be long before stormy weather starts the process of fence sagging. A poor installation is likely the problem if you ever see fence sagging with fences that were just recently built. There are many factors that affect how a fence should be installed, including the soil, the type of fence you have, and how tall the fence will be.

If you aren’t sure about the right way to install your fence, you can consult a fence installation company for advice. With their years of experience, professionals will know the proper way to construct a fence regardless of terrain, fence height, fencing material, and more. Many companies come with warranties as well, which protect you in the event that the installation doesn’t go well.

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