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How Your Fencing is Damaged by Winter Weather

How Your Fencing is Damaged by Winter Weather

Today, we’ll be looking at ways the winter weather can cause damage to your fencing.

The winter season is still in full motion, and the cold weather this season brings can present you with some challenges. One of these challenges involves applying pressure to your home’s fence, causing it to sustain damage throughout the season, but how exactly does your fence get damaged during this time? Today, we’ll be looking at ways the winter weather can cause damage to your fencing.


Winter brings snow and rain, and this results in additional moisture your fence has to handle. If you have metal fencing for your yard, this added moisture presents the possibility that your fence could rust. There are many areas where rust could occur, such as the fence posts themselves, the screws, or the fence gate if you have one. If rust starts developing, you’ll want to take action quickly before the damage has a chance to accumulate too much.


Not only can your fence rust, but freezing is also a possibility under the cold of winter. Metal fences are prone to freezing, and when this happens, your fence can start to crack and break. This results in your border being more vulnerable.


With strong enough winds, or a sufficient amount of snow, your fencing could be put under too much pressure, to the point that it will be unable to stay upright, resulting in your fence collapsing. This risk is especially high if you live in an area that experiences plenty of winter storms throughout the year.


Perhaps you have a wooden fence instead of a metal one. While rusting isn’t a concern for wood fences during winter, you do have to worry about them warping. Warping occurs when the fence boards expand and contract in response to drastic temperature changes. Distortion in your fencing boards can result in the entire structure becoming unstable, leading to the collapse of your fence.

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