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Hurricane Season: Prepare your Fence

Hurricane-SeasonHurricane season tends to roar in toward the end of the summer, bringing along with it torrential rains, gusty winds, and even damage to your home and property. There are numerous articles of how to prepare your home for a hurricane and how to keep your home and family safe. But what about your residential fence? After all, your fence is part of your home and property, and there are ways to ensure your fence gets through hurricane season safely!

First things first – what all do you have outside? Lawn chairs or patio furniture? Yard structures or other decorative items? If so, any of these items can easily be tossed around by high winds and smash into the side of your home, your fence, neighboring properties, and more. If the weather forecast calls for a hurricane warning or hurricane watch, move furniture and other lightweight objects like garbage cans, potted plants, and decorative features into a covered area. For objects that are heavier and less mobile, find a way to anchor them to the ground to keep them from potentially being snatched up by the wind.

Next – what do your trees look like? We have seen numerous residential fences crack under the pressure of a heavy tree that has been knocked over

We recommend that people regularly trim their trees to keep them healthy and less susceptible to the forces of nature. A good rule of thumb is to keep your branches to less than five feet in length and remove any branches that are positioned over a structure or near a utility line. It would be best to contact a professional to trim your trees, especially if there are any branches near utility lines.

Finally, take a careful look at your fence to see if there are any pieces that appear weak or loose. During hurricane season, it is not uncommon for high winds to dislodge weak or loose boards or pieces from a fence, creating more flying debris. Your insurance company as well as your peace of mind will greatly appreciate any foresight you take in ensuring that your fence is solid.

One great option for homes that are often affected in hurricane season is a PVC vinyl fence, as they won’t warp or rust when exposed to long periods of torrential rains. Also, it is super easy to clean debris from a PVC vinyl fence. Use these tips to help your residential fence withstand hurricane season and call us at 1-800-883-3623 if you need any more tips or details!

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