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What Are the Best Fences for Dogs?

Residential Fence Benefits

There are several different fences for dogs.

We all love our dogs and think they are the best things on earth. They always provide us with endless love, slobbery kisses, and a warm cuddle buddy, so why not provide them with the best possible outdoor environment to enjoy while you’re out and about or taking care of boring human responsibilities?

The first step in giving your canine friend a place to roam — with optimal dog safety and play area — is a fenced-in yard. Hercules fence has plenty of options to give your home that extra dash of glamour and security — it’s just a matter of choosing the right one for your dog. With the right fencing solution, you won’t have to think twice about letting your pup loose in your yard to run and play and bark and…well, whatever else it is that dogs do to entertain themselves, all in a (gorgeously) fenced-in yard.

There are, of course, many considerations before you take the plunge.


All fencing projects of course come with certain necessary investment to ensure a good product with quality installation. A good fence to keep your dog safe isn’t something to skimp on, and you must be confident that you have the highest quality of both product and installation at a reasonable price. When it comes to dog safety, a little extra bang for the buck is usually wise.

Curb Appeal

People often hesitate to install fences because they’re new, bulky, and might block the neighbors’ view your lovely new siding, but we feel the opposite. Whether it’s an ornate cast iron fence or a lovely cedar privacy fence, high-quality fencing greatly adds to your home’s aesthetic. The sense of security that you gain is a nice bonus.

Best for Your Pup

While you’re considering what’s good for you and your neighbors, you also of course need to consider what’s good for your dog.  You obviously need something that will keep your dog safe, prevent escape and minimize other negatives — like barking incessantly at every single squirrel that scurries by. Proper precautions like height, a concrete base, and moving potential vaulting points away from the fence will eliminate the possibility of jumping, digging, or climbing to freedom, and the privacy will prevent your dog from acting up at passers-by (canine or otherwise) or vice versa.

Trust Hercules Fence for Your Dog Needs

In the end, any fence is better than no fence, and Hercules Fence is better than any other fence. We always guarantee the highest quality product and service, and many customers will back us up on that.

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