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Tips for Old Fence Removal

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If you think you’re ready for DIY fence removal, make sure you consider the following before getting started.

Is your old fence starting to rot, fall apart, or just generally look like more of a mess than an attractive addition to your home? In that case, it might be time to replace it with the perfect fence, professionally constructed and installed by Hercules. But before you can take that step, you’ll have to take down that old, dilapidated one first. If you don’t have the time or energy, confidence or resources to do take on that DIY construction project, your local Hercules location does offer fence removal services as well as installation. However, if you’re feeling confident enough to take on some DIY construction, then follow these tips before you grab your gloves and hammer.

Know Before You Go

The most important step of any fence removal is to first make sure that the fence in question is in fact your fence. If you moved into your house with the fence already there and you’re unsure of the history of the property, it’s a good idea to check with adjacent neighbors to make sure the fence is actually on your property. Even if the fence was installed for your house by a previous owner, there’s a chance it could have been done without city approval and could be across the dividing property line. If that’s the case, you’ll have to clear it with whichever neighbors and/or city organizations might be concerned with your fence removal project.

Check with Utility Companies

Another important thing to be aware of before beginning any DIY construction is what kind of existing infrastructure you might disrupt. Fence posts are installed several feet into the ground and have likely been there for quite some time. If any utility companies (cable, electric, water) have installed near your fence, you’ll need to know that and plan around it before you start digging. It’s infinitely better to do some preemptive research than to deal with the repercussions if you accidentally end up cutting off power to your whole street.

Have a Plan

In addition to those first two tips, it’s important to have a plan of attack once you’re cleared to start your fence removal project. You’re going to need somewhere to dispose of your old fence, so you might need to rent a large dumpster. You’ll also need to have proper tools to deal with the concrete or gravel that was used to set and stabilize the old posts.

DIY construction can overwhelming, and if you’re not 100% certain that you can handle it yourself, it might be best to contact Hercules to have a professional come take care of your fence removal project. The cost of hiring a professional likely won’t be as much as the incurred cost of infrastructure or property damage in the case of a mistake.

Contact Hercules Today!

At Hercules Fence, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of several fence styles throughout the Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina areas. Residential fencing provides a welcoming appearance to complement your home. Our sales team can offer you many selections to choose from to accommodate your privacy, semi-privacy, and decorative needs, and our professionals use only the highest quality materials to install your fence at a price that is reasonable and affordable. We also specialize in commercial fencing to keep your business safe and secure while also looking professional and welcoming.

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