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Common Problems Your Aluminum Fence Might Face

Common Problems Your Aluminum Fence Might Face

Here are some of the most common issues your aluminum fence may face, along with information on how to address them.

Aluminum fences are extremely durable, and can be counted upon to provide highly reliable security whatever your needs may be. As is to be expected, though, certain problems do tend to crop up with this type of fencing after years of steady use. Here are some of the most common issues your aluminum fence may face, along with information on how to address them.

1. Weather Damage

Powerful storms often generate sustained winds and extreme gusts that can affect your fence’s stability and structural integrity. This may not be immediately evident along any given length of fencing, but the cumulative effect is of potentially increased vulnerability. Should a windborne projectile (such as a tree limb) careen into fencing already weakened by countless previous storms, it may cause panels to dent and warp—or even dislodge them outright. The resultant sagging may generate gaps and present a hypothetical security risk, so be sure to contact a local fence installation and repair business right away if you find yourself in these circumstances. Companies like Hercules Fence specialize in quickly and soundly repairing this type of damage.

2. Erosion

As demonstrated above, durable as it may be, aluminum isn’t impervious to the forces of nature—even the seemingly mundane. Erosion can be another culprit when it comes to weakening the general integrity of an aluminum fence. Natural shifts in the ground beneath a fencepost might cause it to bend or buckle, and in especially unfortunate cases make contact with and cause damage to your property. Rapid erosion caused by extreme rains can present a different but no less concerning hazard, wherein multiple adjacent posts are loosened or dislodged in a short period of time. Again, it is highly advisable to contact professionals if this happens, but in the latter scenario a fence-owner may find success in reinforcing shaky or weakened posts with dirt—as long as it’s safe to attempt.

3. Accidents

No type of fence or barrier is entirely accident-proof, and by definition no accident is remotely predictable. If your aluminum fence sustains significant damage from a motor vehicle or any other strange twist of fate, it may be in sorry shape indeed—but not for long, as skilled professionals can quickly repair or replace them. The companies they represent will work closely and compassionately with you to navigate any insurance-related matters, as well.

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