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Why You Need a Pool Fence

Why You Need a Pool Fence

Read on for several reasons you need a pool fence around your pool.

Deciding that the time is right to get a new fence (or replacement) is usually the result of lifestyle change. For instance, getting a new dog might require a fence, or your baby passing the milestones of crawling, walking, or climbing might make you decide that the time is right. Another lifestyle change that might encourage you to get a fence, and in fact will in most cases necessitate getting a fence, is the addition of a pool. While all fences are intended to keep trespassers out, a pool fence is a highly important safety tool to protect anyone who can not adequately swim from accidentally drowning. Read on for several reasons you need a pool fence around your pool.


The prime reason to have a pool fence installed is, of course, to keep people safe. You don’t want kids to wander too close to a pool and fall in, especially young kids like toddlers who may not know any better. Pools can also be a huge enticement for neighborhood kids on hot days, and if they get into your pool even without your permission and get hurt, you’d have to live with that. Additionally, if you failed to secure your pool correctly and someone got hurt, you could also be financially responsible. Finally, it is not just people who are protected by a pool fence – you will also be keeping pets and other animals safe from drowning as well.


Adding a fence around your pool makes it a more private area, allowing you to really relax. There really isn’t a way to truly relax when you feel like your neighbors are watching you lounge at the pool. Also, in some cases, people seeing you at your pool gives them the confidence to invite themselves over – a fence can help limit that.

Money Saving

Having a pool fence installed around your pool will also save you money. In most cases, it is required by law and by insurance companies, but in the rare cases when it is not, you will often get a discount on your insurance for having one. If you are required to have one and you don’t, you could be directly liable for injuries that occur around your pool, and you could be fined by the government for failing to have the fence installed.

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