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The Benefits of having a home fence installation in the winter

Best Residential Fencing Tips

Residential Fence Tips

We are experiencing a very cold winter. The wind chills and below freezing temperatures are taking a toil on our residential properties. How are you keeping up with your regular home maintenance? Specifically, how are you keeping up with your front yard and backyard maintenance?

If you have a residential fenced in area, how does it look? Do you know it’s not as aesthetically pleasing as before? Are there weak spots in your fence structure? If you are unsure, it’s time that you have your fence inspected by a professional fence contractor. And if you do not have a fence, it’s time to have one installed.

A well maintained fence can enhance the your home value by securing and beautifying your residential property. The fence type that’s most vulnerable to winter weather is a wood fence but good fence maintenance can prevent from worrying about a thing.

We are only 48 days or less from the first day of spring. This is a great time for you to hire a professional fence contractor to handle fence repairs or perform a home fence installation for you to beat the spring rush of home fence installations. In fact, studies have shown that September to March are the best times to have a home fence installation completed.

The following are a list of benefits you can reap from winter home fence installation:

  1. You’ll have a quicker turnaround in comparison to having a home fence installed during the spring and summer because fence installations are in high demand during the warm months.
  2. You’ll pay less for your home fence installation during the wintertime (off season of fence installations).
  3. You’ll get more one-on-one attention from your home fence contractor because there are not as many home fence projects to cover during the winter.

With our highly knowledgeable Hercules Fence contractors, you will receive utmost professional service and quality fence installations. We have provided excellent customer services and fence products since 1955. With over 50 years in the fence business, we are well aware that our reputation must be earned anew every day.

Hercules Fence has six offices ready to serve your fence needs. Whether you live as far north as Baltimore or south to Raleigh Market, Hercules has an office near you. Our experienced sales and installation staff can handle any fencing projects. And if you’re looking to buy materials, Hercules can ship our product line anywhere in the world. Take a virtual stroll through our website. Check out the latest fence products along with the “Signature Projects ” we’re so proud of.

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