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  • Choosing a Fence that Fits Your Family

    When it comes to selecting a fence, you have a variety of options of fencing materials from which to choose. But before you go about selecting one specific fencing option, you’ll need to consider what the needs of your family are. Hercules Fence has a few vital questions that you should answer for yourself before choosing a fence for your family.

    Does my family live in a neighborhood?

    If your home is surrounded by other homes, then this can affect what kind of fence you might want to purchase. Your neighbors might be very close by; in that case, a privacy fence might be an appealing option, simply for peace of mind and to give you your own space. If you live in a particularly crowded neighborhood, then you might want to select a fence that will reduce noise pollution as well.

    Does my family live near a main road?

    The kind of fence you purchase can be based on the issue of safety, in many cases. You may not want to obstruct your view with too tall of a fence, but if you live near a main road, then you want to ensure your children or pets, when they are playing out in the yard, are well-protected. In this kind of situation, a chain link fence might be a good fencing material to select. Chain link fences do no obstruct views, but they are sturdy, and they do keep your children and pets from wandering into traffic.

    Does my family have a pool?

    If your family is looking to get a fence to surround your pool, then safety and fencing maintenance will be an issue. In order to prevent anyone from accidentally falling in to your pool, a barrier such as a vinyl fence could be the perfect fit. Vinyl fencing is water resistant, and so even though your fence will be near the water, it will not rust, warp, or develop mold.

    Does my family have time to dedicate to fence maintenance?

    If you foresee it being easily to put in a little extra time into the maintenance of your fence, then a wood fence might be the right option for you. While not much more difficult to take care of than other kinds of fencing materials, wood fences do require a little more attention to keep them looking like new throughout different kinds of weather.

    Are you trying to select the best fencing option for your family? Call Hercules Fence today.

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