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Making Sure Your Wood Fence is Protected Against Sun and Rain Damage

Making Sure Your Wood Fence is Protected Against Sun and Rain Damage

Here are tips on protecting your wood fence against sun and rain damage.

A wood fence is an excellent choice if you want classic, cost-effective fencing. However, as with any material, it’s always best to know the proper maintenance techniques. For example, iron fences involve particular methods to prevent rust and corrosion. With a wood fence, you want to do all you can to avoid sun and rain damage. Otherwise, wood fencing will become dull and less structurally sound. Here are tips on protecting your wood fence against sun and rain damage.

How to Clean Your Wood Fence

Wood fencing appears the most pristine with regular repairs and maintenance. Powerwash your fencing at least once a year at a pound per square inch (PSI) of 1500 to 2000. The spray tips should be 15-25 degrees for a thorough cleaning. Stand at least 18 inches away and wear protective gear such as long-sleeved shirts, pants, and gloves because debris can fly off the fence with a lot of force. Additionally, you can remove discolorations and stubborn stains with baking soda.

Take Care of Damage

Inspect your wood fence for missing boards and damaged areas. Walk around the perimeter to search for unusual spots and marks. Check to see if there are patches where the ground meets the wood. Pay attention to nails and edges as well.


Perform these examinations weekly to ensure you keep damages on your radar. The structure becomes susceptible to wear and tear if you don’t repair a wooden fence quickly. Cracks will develop into larger crevices, allowing rainwater into the wood. It’s less expensive to address issues immediately versus paying for an entirely new fence.

Stain the Fence

Extend your fence’s lifespan and protect it from the elements by staining it. Water-repellant sealants prevent the material from moisture damage. Alternatively, you can combine the sealant with an exterior stain to color the fence and aid in environmental protection. Depending on the climate, you should steal or stain the fencing every two to three years. Fortunately, when you hire Hercules Fence, we offer pressure-treated ACQ lumber to aid longevity and durability.

Protect Your Wood Fence from Soil Damage

You can count on Hercules Fence to cut your fence slats properly, ensuring they do not come into contact with the ground. Another option is lining fence posts with half-buried bricks extending down to the bottom slat if safety and security are a concern or if you fear your pets will escape. This notion prevents digging, and because bricks are porous, they will carry water away from the fencing versus allowing it to flow into it.


Contact Hercules Fence today if you’re looking for the best wood fence options to beautify your home or business this summer.

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