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How to Know Your Wood Fence Has Termites

How to Know Your Wood Fence Has Termites

Here are some excellent tell tale signs of termites in your wood fence.

There is really no denying that wood fences are very popular among homeowners everywhere. In fact, wood fences can be wonderfully beneficial for a number of different reasons — but with wood fences, comes the potential for termites. The reality is, proper care and maintenance makes a world of a difference when it comes to keeping your wood fence safe and secure overall. Ultimately, termites are incredibly destructive and can totally ruin a perfectly beautiful wooden fence. Here are some excellent tell tale signs of termites in your wood fence.

Any Mud Tubes

One of the key signs of termites living in your wooden fence includes mud tubes. In fact, termites tend to present themselves as the base of the wood fence generally. The reality is, termites typically use these mud tunnels to get around — and create their respective colonies. Ultimately, the bigger the mud tubes and the more you have, the more compromised your wooden fence will be — which usually means it might be necessary to replace your wooden fence and start from new.

Signs Of Visible Holes And Sawdust

Unfortunately, if you are already seeing visible holes and sawdust on your wood fence, it might signal that termites have already wreaked havoc on it. In fact, if you begin to see that there are large holes throughout the fence itself, it’s probably due to a termite infestation. The reality is, termites will eat into the fence itself — particularly via the mud tunnels discussed previously. Ultimately, if you can see many different holes, then contacting a professional to examine the destruction and find a proper solution is usually going to be your best bet.

Actually Seeing Termites

Most obviously, if you can visibly see termites on your fence, then the infestation is all too real. In fact, it can be quite difficult to notice the presence of termites, but if you do, then there really is no question that the infestation has happened and you’ll want to consider the options available — most like a fence replacement — to best remedy the issue effectively and efficiently. The reality is, termites are common among wood fences, but it becomes increasingly important to make sure that you protect your wooden fence against any termites so it can really withstand the test of time.

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