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Winter Wood Fence Care

The harsh and unpredictable weather winter brings can do severe damage to your wood fence if you don’t take appropriate winter fence care measures. This can lead to expensive repairs and a lot of hassle come spring. However, this can all be avoided with some clever seasonal fence care.


Keep your wood fence looking its best this winter.

Lessen Moisture Build Up

Winter precipitation exposes your wood fence to excess moisture in a way unique to the warmer precipitation of the rest of the year. While in the spring and summer your fence gets warm days to dry after heavy rain, the cold winter does not grant your fence this reprieve. Winter snows expose your wood fence to mold,  mildew and rot.


You can combat this by taking the winter fence care step of clearing debris from the base of your fence. Leaves, debris, and snow can trap additional moisture and further weaken the wood. Using an oil based stain before the winter months settle in can also be invaluable for your fence.


Using The Right Wood Prevents Warping

The unpredictable winter weather, with constant drops and rises in temperature, causes wood to expand and contract rapidly. This can create knotholes in your wood fence and cause it to warp. Knotholes also attract unwanted pests. Fence care is far simpler when your fence is created with durable and season-appropriate wood.


Preventing Shifting Soil Is Key

Thawing frost can cause your posts to shift, which in turn disturbs the soil. This can loosen posts and compromise the integrity of your entire fence. This can be mitigated by making sure your posts are in the ground deep enough prior to the winter season. Run a string along the top of your fence to make sure every part of it is level before the winter sets in. It can be almost impossible to do repairs in the bitter cold, because working with cement requires warmth. It is best to be proactive with your fence care.


Prevent Falling Tree Limbs

As snow overloads tree branches they can become heavy and snap. They can do severe structural damage if they fall on your fence. Trim back your trees, and make sure your fence is not in danger of damage from snapping branches. If you have particularly old or sick trees, it is important to have them taken care of as soon as possible and keep an eye on them throughout the season


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