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Hercules Fence Richmond was awarded the VDOT Fence Contract for Albemarle, Greene and Madison Counties. Due to a grant the Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC) included the Wildlife fence as part of the contract. The project, located in Albemarle County west of Route 29, Charlottesville, was 1 ¼ miles of 8’ tall right of way fence installed on I-64 both east and west bound between mile markers 115 and 116. The concept was to channel the wildlife (especially deer) along the interstate to specific underpasses (bridges and culverts) and allow them to cross safety under the highway. The idea was to reduce the number of animal related vehicle crashes.

The project was a success boasting a 98% reduction in deer related vehicle crashes reducing injuries and saving motorists money while protecting the animals. The cameras also reviled a significant increase in the number of other animals using the underpasses as well.

Currently, a report is being submitted and standardized fencing practices are being developed by VTRC and Hercules Fence for future use on Virginia Roadways.

This week NBC29 featured a report on the project on their news cast. See the link below:

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