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Why Choose Ornamental Aluminum Commercial Fencing?


An ornamental aluminum fence doesn’t have to be just a dream anymore, thanks to Hercules

You’ve put a lot of hard work into establishing, growing, and maintaining your business. The next step is protecting and decorating. How, you may ask? With an ornamental aluminum fence. Check out this week’s blog post to learn more about the benefits of choosing aluminum commercial fencing for your business.

It’s Tough

Metal ain’t no weakling when it comes to fencing. The word “ornamental” may throw you off and make you think it’s frail and dainty, but that’s the furthest from the truth. Our ornamental aluminum commercial fencing is built from a remarkably strong, top-quality aluminum alloy that’s built to last. They’re also electrostatically coated, making them resistant to rust, so they won’t grow weaker as they stand up to Mother Nature. Just in case, we offer a 12-15 year extended warranty.

It’s Attractive

Here comes the “ornamental” part. In addition to holding strong to keep intruders away from your property, it’ll do the opposite for those guests who you’re hoping to bring in. An ornamental aluminum for your business shows that you care about your company’s image and are willing to invest to put your best foot forward. These fences come in a variety of styles, sure to please any design preferences.

It’s Flexible

No, we don’t mean physically flexible — that wouldn’t bode well for the “tough” aspect. We mean that they’re versatile in design. Aside from the variety of styles that we hinted at above, you can also totally customize your aluminum fence panels, making sure that they perfectly fit your business’ image.

If you have any questions about ornamental aluminum commercial fencing, or would just like to get started on a project, give us a call to get started!

Choose Ornamental Aluminum Commercial Fencing from Hercules Fences

At Hercules Fence, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of several fence styles throughout the Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina areas. Residential fencing provides a welcoming appearance to complement your home. Our sales team can offer you many selections to choose from to accommodate your privacy, semi-privacy, and decorative needs, and our professionals use only the highest quality materials to install your fence at a price that is reasonable and affordable. We also specialize in commercial fencing to keep your business safe and secure while also looking professional and welcoming.

To get started with your residential fence for your home, call us today at 1-800-883-3623. You can also visit our contact page to find a full list of our locations and phone numbers.

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