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Why Choose Ornamental Aluminum Commercial Fencing?

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

An ornamental aluminum fence doesn’t have to be just a dream anymore, thanks to Hercules

You’ve put a lot of hard work into establishing, growing, and maintaining your business. The next step is protecting and decorating. How, you may ask? With an ornamental aluminum fence. Check out this week’s blog post to learn more about the benefits of choosing aluminum commercial fencing for your business. (more…)

Why Your Business Needs an Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

An ornamental aluminum fence doesn’t have to be just a dream anymore, thanks to Hercules!

What kind of commercial fence solution do you have for your business? What’s that? You don’t even have a commercial fence? Well what are you doing?! Your business needs a fence. Not only that, but your business needs an ornamental aluminum fence. We know what you’re thinking — we’re a fence company, of course we’re going to recommend a commercial fence. And you’re right. BUT. There’s good reason for us to make this recommendation. Let us tell you why you need an ornamental aluminum fence for your business. (more…)

Summer Fence Options from Hercules Fence

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

custom wood privacy fenceSummer is on its way, which means plenty of time outside in the sun is ahead. Maybe this is the first summer your son or daughter is old enough to play in the yard alone. This could be the summer when you decide to finally get the puppy you have always wanted, or it’s possible you finally have time to replace the fence that has been on your list since the winter. How do you possibly decide which is right for you? Let Hercules Fence help.

Some things for you to consider while making your decision are:

  1. Budget-How much am I willing to pay?
  2. Privacy-Do I want the public to see into my yard?
  3. Materials-Do I need to keep something in or just need decoration?

Let us also look at specific scenarios for needing a fence. If you are buying a fence for the purpose of keeping a dog within a yard, a PVC vinyl fence would be the best option. At Hercules Fence, we use only the most durable material when installing a PVC fence. This will prevent your dog from climbing over the fence or chewing on the fence if he/she gets bored. A PVC vinyl fence would also work well with children in the yard. The fence won’t warp and it will be difficult for them to do any damage to the material. Climbing will also be tough to do as well. A vinyl coated chain link fence from Hercules Fence would suit a child well too. The coating prevents any rusting or damage to take place and will also prevent the child from climbing out of the yard. Anything with larger space like wood railing would be a danger to a child.

If the goal isn’t to keep something in, but to decorate your yard, try a custom wood or ornamental aluminum fence. An aluminum fence compliments any type of landscaping and is able to withstand the elements with little upkeep. A custom wood fence allows you to add a rustic feel to your home, and privacy too if you choose. Wood fences can be used as privacy fences and can be treated or untreated to suit your decorative needs.

At Hercules Fence, we strive to ensure that you choose the fence that’s right for you. With 6 convenient locations, you are sure to find the fence of your dreams with Hercules Fence. Call or visit the location nearest you. Offices are located in:

  1. Jessup, MD
  2. Manassas, VA
  3. Raleigh, NC
  4. Newport News, VA
  5. Richmond, VA
  6. Norfolk, VA

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How to Create Sustainable and Unique Garden Designs

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Do you find pleasure in gardening? Do you want a beautiful, creative, and sustainable garden?  If yes, then you will be glad to hear that you can make a garden design that can remain from June to October that allows yours plants to follow a natural seasonal cycle!

The best garden designs are ones that are environmentally sub-conscious while remaining unique in style and the statement it makes to the world!

The website Garden Design Unlimited gives very creative suggestions on how to make your garden come alive. One suggestion is to create a winding pathway to your garden.

A winding pathway gives visitors to your garden a new twist away from the traditional vertical walk way. Around the winding pathway, the site suggests you put a few permanent shapes, such as wooden blocks or rocks to replicate a fun animal, such as a caterpillar winding around the blocks, while the rocks form the caterpillar-like depiction! This design is creative and very cute.

With this design completed, you can surround your homemade caterpillar with your favorite types of flowers! Garden Design Unlimited suggests putting both seasonal and all year round plants to enhance the curiosity of visitors to your garden.

Some great ideas from the site: Have the centerpiece of your garden be nectar. Use wildflowers to attract domestic butterflies (a big hit with children). Have a sunflower or two in your garden.

For more information on how to get creative and make your garden stand out in a fabulous way, read this article called Future Gardens by Garden Design Unlimited.

To protect your beautiful creation, install a garden fence! Ornamental Aluminum is an example of a wonderful fence selection! Ornamental Aluminum has a reputation for complementing beautiful landscapes in style without restricting a picturesque view!

If you have any questions, contact Hercules Fence by calling (800) TU FENCE or click here today!

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Doggy-safety: How to stop your dog from jumping the Fence

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Are you a dog lover? Are you tired of your dog jumping the fence? Are your neighbors complaining? If your answer is yes to any or all of the above, we are here to help you keep your dog on the right side of the fence!

It is no secret for dog lovers that one of the biggest fears for a dog owner is to have his or her dog jump the fence. Dog owners fear their beloved and loyal companions will get hurt by leaping the fence, endangering its life, endangering another life, or worse run away from home! If you are not noticing the trend, most of the consequences of your dog jumping the fence are negative outcomes.

The purpose of a fence for a dog owner is to keep your dog safe, other pets out and to prevent your dog from escaping your property. Once a dog learns to jump one fence, it will learn to jump other fences.

The first method of keeping your dog safe and you out of legal trouble is to understand why your dog would want to jump your fence or any fence.

Look at your environment. What is internally in your fenced in environment? What is externally around your fenced in environment? If you were your dog, which one would you choose (be honest with yourself)?

Some likely reasons your dog might jump the fence may be based on loneliness from lack of companionship. Another reason would be another animal being outside the fence. It might want to chase or scare this animal. Your dog might also be attracted to the animal on the other side of the fence. Or your dog might be suffering from extreme boredom! Sometimes the act of jumping the fence can be exciting for your dog to do, if the fenced in area lacks fun for your dog.

If you are not certain at all why your dog would jump the fence, watch its behavior. Does it need something or is your fence too short?

If you think it is not your dog’s behavior but the size of your fence, Hercules Fence has a diverse selection of residential fencing for you and your pet – Ornamental Aluminum/ Steel, Galvanized chain link, custom wood and more! The higher your fence, the less likely your dog will jump over your fence! Read this article from Dog Obedience short cuts on how to make your dog more obedient and obtain information on the minimum fence height compatibility for the average-sized dog.

Another great suggestion for you is to make an enclosed dog run for your dog within your yard. Your dog will love its own dedicated space and you will love it more knowing your dog is out of harms way.

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Effective Fences

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Fence design/style contributes greatly to the overall aesthetic value of your home or place of business. But for the most part, a fences’ appearance is secondary to its overall purpose. After all, most fences are not built as decorations, but rather for a more direct purpose such as security, privacy, to establish borders, or to keep animals in (or out).

This article from explains the various reasons (besides decoration) why people construct fences.


Privacy fences are used to wall off your yard (or part of your yard) from the rest of the world. They tend to be tall, yet still aesthetically pleasing.


The number one goal of a security fence is to keep intruders out of your yard or place of business. The most common form of this fencing is chain link with barbed wire, however there are more decorative styles of security fence with slightly more curb appeal. A high stone, brick or stucco wall provides a more decorative flair to your security needs. But these fences are still very formidable.

Keep Dogs in

If you have a dog or other pet, you know just how difficult it can sometimes be to keep them in the yard. One way to accomplish this is to install a fence. This will allow you to let your playful puppy run free without having to worry about him/her running away. This can be done with a short chain link fence or a more eye-catching PVC fence.

Keep Deer out

If you live in a suburban area with a high deer population, you know just how annoying it can be to have your fruit trees or vegetable garden constantly invaded. But you will need to make sure your fence is tall enough (at least 8 feet), because deer love to jump.

Whatever the reason, a fence can be a very nice addition to your home. Fences serve specific purposes while still adding to the overall aesthetic value of your home or business. What else can do all that? If you have any questions, contact Hercules Fence by calling (800) TU FENCE or click here today!

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Decorating Your Backyard Fence

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

If you are looking for a way to spice up your backyard, look no further. We have the perfect solution for you. You can decorate your backyard fence to add an extra aesthetic touch to your yard. This article from explains how you can turn your boring fence into the focal point of your entire backyard.

You want your yard to feel as cozy as any room inside your home, correct? Well, do you leave your walls bare and boring inside the house or do you spice them up a bit with pictures, paintings and other decorations? Yea, I thought so.

Why not give your backyard fence the same attention? After all, the interior of your fence acts the same way as the interior of your walls.

How to get started…

  1. Measure your fence. Determine how much of it you want covered with your outdoor wall décor.
  2. Brainstorm for a decorating theme. Good outdoor themes include motifs like sun and moon, grape growing or under-the-sea if your fence is by a pool. Write down your ideas on your spiral notebook, naming some possible pieces that you want like a wall fountain, a sundial or terra cotta plaques.
  3. Shop for the pieces and supplies you’ll need for your project. Purchase the pieces from your list. If you don’t find everything that you’re looking for, but do find comparable pieces instead, buy those as your budget permits.
  4. Create a sketch of your backyard gallery in your drawing pad. This allows you to see how all the pieces will fit together in the composition. All the pieces you purchased from your shopping spree should be on the sketch. The rough measurements between the pieces as well as how much space in inches each piece is going to take up should also be on the sketch. Don’t forget to add the areas where you plan to stencil on designs.
  5. Prepare your fence by sanding down any rough spots and washing it down.
  6. Paint the fence as your decorating plan dictates. This includes the stencils. Let dry.
  7. Mark your back fence using pieces of masking tape. Then use your markers to write the name of the piece that goes on that piece of tape. The tape is the marker for your nails.
  8. Drive nails into the fence where you have placed masking tape markers. For heavier pieces like a fountain, you may need multiple nails or even some sort of heavy-duty wire.
  9. Hang each piece in your backyard fence gallery according to your sketch and the places marked by the pieces of tape.
  10. Assess your gallery to determine if you have enough pieces, too many or not enough. If you have too many, take some down. If you have too few, go buy more pieces or rearrange the pieces you do have until the gallery is just right.

Now your backyard is complete. If you have any questions, contact Hercules Fence by calling (800) TU FENCE or click here today!

Residential Fencing

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Hercules Fence specializes in a wide range of options to best fulfill your residential fencing needs. They offer chain link or custom wood fences, ornamental aluminum or steel fences, galvanized and vinyl-coated chain link options and PVC vinyl fencing.

For more detailed information about each fencing type, please visit Hercules Fence for everything and anything you could possibly want.

The experienced professionals at Hercules can even design and install your automated home gate system. They will analyze the opening size, style of fence and gate, distance from the dwelling(s), road surface material, entry mechanism, exit mechanism and safety concerns before recommending the right gate and operator for your intended purpose.

At Hercules, they give you all the facts to make your purchase easier. Unlike other companies, Hercules takes the time to work with the customer to make sure they get exactly what they want/need.

There is a reason Hercules has been in business for more than 50 years.

Hercules Fence prides itself in having installed fencing at some of the most prestigious places in the world, as well as for many government agencies and well-known businesses.

So why not trust Hercules Fence with your residential fencing needs?

To learn more about residential fencing, please contact Hercules Fence here today!

Which wrought fencing is best?

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

We’ve recently talked about wrought iron fencing and alternative materials that achieve the same look. Now for a look at which is best, we turn to this article.

Wrought iron may be classic, but there are a couple reasons why we recommend ornamental aluminum and steel instead. Iron can rust, and thus requires maintenance. Aluminum won’t rust and the treatment for steel prevents it from rusting. The other main consideration is price, because iron is much more expensive than the other two.

If you want to learn more, contact us. We explain your options to you and help design and install the right design for you.

Ornamental aluminum fencing options

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Another alternative to achieving the look of a wrought iron fence without the expense is ornamental aluminum. This article provides a good summary of the benefits and features of ornamental aluminum.

One drawback of wrought iron is that it can rust. Aside from being cheaper than wrought iron, ornamental aluminum won’t rust. Ornamental aluminum overall is very easy to maintain. It doesn’t require painting and can be easily cleaned by hosing it off.

To learn about ornamental aluminum and your other fencing options, contact us. We’ll help you figure out which option is best for you and install it.