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Do I Need a New Fence?


That fence has been there for years. You or the previous owner grew up with that border protecting their yard. Children and pets played behind it. Cookouts and porch-light parties were kept private. That fence even prevented that mystery animal from digging in. But fence maintenance is difficult, especially when the materials are starting to degrade and the poles in the ground are loose in their holes. It’s time for a new fence installation.

How Do I Know?

Your first clue is age. If that fence has been protecting your property since the house was built 20 years ago, it’s time to consider replacement. All fencing wears down over time. Treated wood will warp in due time and metal will rust away. Storm damage is a huge cause of this. Water rots wood and rusts metal, heat and cold cause expansion and contraction over time, and harder precipitation like hail just beats down anything outside long enough. Fence maintenance does the best it can, but all substances break eventually. Rotting wood is easy to see and snap. If you chose a wooden fence for its stylish look, over time that wood will become weak and unfit for defending a house. Metal is sturdier and chain links offer a better view, but rust looks terrible and weakens everything over time. Remember that a fence is a system: if one piece fails, the rest falls much more easily.

Fixing a Fence Installation

You don’t need to destroy the entire fence at the first sign of rot or rust, though. Fence parts rarely age at a completely even rate due to variances in design and exposure. Even shade can change how much damage a fence takes. Replacing a wood slat in a fence can take half a day, including measurements and the trip to the hardware store, so long as you take care to match any paint changes. In fact, resealing and repainting a fence can make it look almost new again in many cases. Metal fences are harder to repair, but swapping out a pole doesn’t have to take too much time and effort with the right materials and preparations.

Replacing the Fence Installation

When all of this fails—as it eventually will—then it’s time to completely replace your fence. If too much wood is rotten or damaged, or if too much metal has rusted away or come loose, then your better option is to schedule a complete replacement. You should also consider changing out your fence is upkeep has become simply too stressful or if you’re trying to sell your house. A new fence can bring new life to a property by improving the protective state of the land or blending in better with changes in surroundings like new grass.

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