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Fall Maintenance Tips

fall maintenance tips

Make sure your fence lasts the winter by performing maintenance this fall.

Are you worried that your wooden fence might not be as prepared for the cold winter months as it could be? The inconstant weather and exposure to moisture can potentially be damaging to fences, but with some clever fence maintenance tips on hand you and your fence will be more than ready to weather the harsh winter. Below you will discover several of the most common winter-related fence problems and what you can do to get a handle on them.

The Problem Posed By Moisture

Shifting winter temperatures can cause your wooden fence to contract and expand. This can cause splitting, warping, and knots to all out of the fence entirely, which leaves your fence full of knot holes. While you cannot prevent this entirely, keeping a close watch on your fence is key to addressing them quickly with proper fence maintenance.

Shifting Soil Causes Issues

The heavy rain and snow of the winter months can oversaturate soil. This leads to sinkholes, landslides, and shifts which can potentially negatively affect your fence’s support posts. In order to help combat this, clear the leaves and any other debris that gathers around your fence posts. These trap moisture and can contribute to rot and other issues.

Look Out For Falling Debris

Snow and ice can gather on tree on tree limbs, which causes them to snap off of trees and collapse. If these fall on your fence, they can do significant damage. Be sure to trim back any overhanging branches which can potentially threaten the integrity of your fence.

Unsavory Storms

Be sure to take a look at your fence soon after heavy storms or high winds. Check for damage and make sure all the posts are still standing. This will make sure that you know exactly what is going on with your fence and are not surprised by any unfortunate collapses. It will allow you to get a jump on any necessary fence maintenance before small issues become large and expensive structural problems.  

Want More Fence Maintenance Tips And Tricks?

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