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Tips for Fence Friendly Vines

residential fence

Vines look great on any fence, but every type of fence has a few peculiarities to look out for when thinking about adding vines.

Looking for a way to add some extra charm to your residential fence? Vines might be the perfect way to set your yard apart and get your fence looking even more beautiful! Use these tips to pick vines that will climb your fence, stay in control, and add major curb appeal to your home. The type of fence that you have dictates what vines will work best, so select a type of vine with that in mind.

Wooden Fences

Wooden residential fences can be tricky when it comes to picking the right type of vines, as wood is the most sensitive to rotting or insect infestation. Rotting, cracking, twisting, and structural damage can result from many vine species on a wooden residential fence, but there are a couple options that can work for you. The best types of vines for wooden residential fences are annual, non-woody vines that have stems that can wrap around your fence to stay put but won’t cause the same structural damage. These vines are easily manipulated and can be guided to grow around specific fence posts or upper support beams.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are much more durable than wooden fences when it comes to vine options, so vinyl residential fences have many more vine options available. Vines can be used on vinyl residential fences to help increase the privacy level while still adding a nice landscaping touch. Coral honeysuckle or clematis climb vinyl fences very well, providing a great deal of coverage in a relatively short amount of time. Some homeowners are able to get them to grow to cover the entire height of their fence within only one growing season.

Aluminum Fences

Out of all three residential fence materials, aluminum provides you the most options when it comes to vines. They are very durable and have a readymade lattice framework to encourage climbing and growth. Wisteria, rambling roses, and other woody vines that would destroy a wooden residential face are great options for aluminum. Because it resists rust and withstands a great deal of moisture, you are not limited in any way. Aluminum fences also provide a great growing spot for the vines, as their structure naturally encourages climbers to, well, climb!

Ready to Update Your Residential Fence?

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