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Fall Ripe: Adding a Fresh new Outdoors Look.

Now that fall is approaching, this is an excellent time to start planning to give your backyard a fresh new Outdoors Look! In the fall plants start to die and the leaves fall off the trees, to give your backyard a beautiful and natural look. During this time, as a homeowner you have a week or two to complete backyard jobs you overlooked during the summer.

Do not worry. These overlooked odd jobs usually take a few hours to complete and truly makes a wonderful and amazing difference to your home environment.  We have just a few quick fall tips to give your backyard a fresh new look.

  1. Repaint. A simple repainting of the trim of your home, doors and shutters will give your home a lovely and fresh look! There is nothing better than returning from work or school to a welcoming and cozy home during the fall!
  2. Add a walkway. Your home can be more inviting by having a walkway added to your front and backyard door entrances.  If you already have a straight concrete walkway, add a little fall garden bed along the edges of both sides of the walkway. As the seasons change, your garden bed should change. If you do this, you will have a garden bed ready for spring. In the fall you will have shredded tree beddings for you to place around your walkway. You can also add solar walkway lights to illuminate the path for your guests and family!
  3. Create a homemade walkway. If you do not have a concrete walkway, you can always create a homemade walkway with wood chips and stone. It is fast and easy to make! For these types of walkways make your path winding for a relaxing and inviting look.
  4. Add Yard ornaments. Yard ornaments are a great addition to your backyard. Add a birdhouse feeder to bring interest to your landscape. Add an outdoor lantern light to a pool to bring light to your backyard and cast inviting shadows. Add fall flowers. Fall flowers withstand cold temperatures and add color to any backyard! Also adding a simple lawn ornament or garden art can really make your backyard look great in comparison to your neighbors’ backyards!

For more great and quick fall tips for a fresh outdoors look read this article from

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