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Fence Planters Ideas for Your Yard

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That privacy fence is covered in untapped potential for a beautiful garden.

If you want to inject some life into your privacy fence, you are in luck. While fences serve very important safety and security purposes, they are not often bright and colorful enough to satisfy those with more whimsical tastes. Consider making your fence bright and beautiful with fence planters. Get inspired by the fence planter ideas below.

Hanging Planters

A metal hanging basket, the type that you often see hanging on the side of homes, is a perfect way to easily add character and bright pops of color to fences. You can even add multiple kinds to create a variety of not only plants, but planters. Make use of different styles, sizes, materials, and colors to turn your fence into a living natural collage.

Free Standing Crate Planters  

This is an excellent DIY option for adding pops of beautiful flowers and plants to your fence without putting any extra weight on its structure. Secure old fruit crates together in front of the fence. Even though they are not attached to the fence, they make an excellent rustic yet modern statement with the wood fence as a backdrop. These fence planters are even deep enough that they can be used to plant vegetables such as potatoes and carrots.  

A Vertical Ivy And Succulent Wall

For a unique design effect, you can completely cover a portion of your fence by transforming it into a vertical garden grid that houses lush ivy and green succulents. While this configuration of fence planters makes for an incredible addition to any backyard, it will be especially great in small backyards that are not suited for more traditional gardens.  

Hanging Baskets

While typically seen on front porches, hanging baskets can also be applied to a number of fences. Before installing, make sure that your fence is made from a material which can have things hung from the top. Be sure to either install this feature in natural shade, or pick plants that can weather the summer sun so your display stays healthy and bright all summer long.

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