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Helping a Vinyl Fence Last Longer

Helping a Vinyl Fence Last Longer

Here is how you can make your vinyl fence last longer.

Are you looking to install a fence along your property? If you are, you might be finding it difficult to decide on the right fencing material. If we may make a suggestion, vinyl fencing is a viable option you could pick. It doesn’t require as much maintenance to maintain as other fences, and it still retains a wonderful appearance. Something else great about vinyl fences is how long they can last. Usually, a vinyl fence can last anywhere between 20 and 30 years, but proper maintenance will determine which side of the spectrum your fence will fall under. Here is how you can make your vinyl fence last longer.

Decide on a Suitable Location for Your Vinyl Fence

The first factor determining your fence’s longevity is where you get it installed.  Some environments aren’t suitable for vinyl fences, such as terrains that are uneven or swamp-like. Areas with plenty of weak trees also do a vinyl fence no favors. Your fence will last several years fewer if you install it in these conditions.

Instead, install your fence on a flat and solid terrain with no weak trees around. If you have to install your fence on a slope, it is possible through a process called “racking.”

Give Your Vinyl Fence Regular Inspections

Maintenance isn’t a hassle at all with a vinyl fence, but you still have to care for it. Fortunately, it usually only requires a simple cleaning once every 3 to 6 months. You can clean your fence by using a garden hose. As an alternative, you could use a rag and clean your fence with a mixture of mild detergent combined with some hot water. Typically, this piece of maintenance adds around five more years to your fence’s lifespan.

Also, at a minimum of two times per year, you should inspect your fencing to see if any damage has been sustained. This lets you deal with problems while they’re small and manageable, saving your fence from bigger problems in the long run.

Get Overhanging Branches Trimmed Off

If there are branches looming over your vinyl fence, get them trimmed off because you don’t want them to snap off and fall onto your fence later on. Vinyl fences are made to be durable, but avoiding any unnecessary damage is always in your best interest.

Let Hercules Fence Help Set Up The Perfect Fence For You

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