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Time Needed to Install Different Types of Fences

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Fences are wonderful, but depending on the type can take time to install!

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to build a fence. You’re aware of all the benefits: the security, the privacy, the ability to keep pets and children in, and the general sense of safety that a newly built fence can provide you. Next, you’ll have to determine how the installation is going to go—and you don’t want to find yourself sitting around waiting forever either! Provided you work with a reputable fence installer, there are some expectations you can reasonably have about how long it will take to construct new fences. 

Wooden Fences

Most people know wood as being a material that’s easy to work with and therefore easy to install. It’s the go-to option for DIY fence installers around the world, and this is in part thanks to its ability to get put up with such ease. Your typical yard is only going to take 1-2 days to install wooden fences, whereas a larger yard may take an extra day or so. If a fencing contractor is experienced and has enough resources, they can cut this installation time down and get the job done in an afternoon.

Metal Fences

Compared to wood, using metal can be expensive and difficult. While there are lighter metal options like aluminum and chain link which may take a comparable amount of time as wood, other metals are going to be much more difficult and may take up to 4 days to install. Many people who opt for metal fences are also doing so because they have specific or custom requirements, which may end up prolonging the project.

Composite Fencing

For some, composite siding can be the best of both worlds and look like other materials such as wood while being much easier to care for. Just like wooden fences though, the installation time is going to be about the same amount of time: you’re looking at 1-2 days depending on the contractor you opt for.

PVC or Vinyl Fencing

In some ways, PVC and vinyl are similar to composite in that they’re synthetic materials. However, PVC and vinyl can be difficult to install and the actual installation process can be a bit more intensive, sometimes requiring between 3-5 days to install fences around an averagely sized yard.

Let Hercules Fence Help Set Up The Perfect Fence For You

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