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Holiday Decorating Tips for your Fence

Holiday DecoratingWith Thanksgiving taking place in under a week, the holiday season is finally upon us! This means preparing your home for the holiday festivities. Most homeowners and families will take the next week or two to make holiday plans, set up their tree, and begin decorating their homes for the holidays. While decorating the interior of your home is fun and festive, you shouldn’t neglect the exterior of your home! A sturdy and appealing fence installed by Hercules Fence is the perfect canvas to use to give your yard and walkway a festive, holiday touch. Here are some ways to incorporate your fence and yard with your holiday decorating theme:

  1. Lights- String lights along your fence to add color and brightness to your yard. Choose small lights and avoid nailing down wires so you don’t damage your fence. Avoid leaving lights on for extremely long periods of time to prevent damage to your fence.
  2. Garland- Wrapping garland around your fence posts and pickets is a natural way to incorporate holiday decorating outdoors. Include bright bows on each post to catch the eye of your guests as they visit your home for the holidays. Bows and wreaths are great ways to decorate your fence without the need to nail or screw into the fence itself. A wreath can be draped over a post while bows can simply be tied.
  3. Trees- If your yard includes trees, be sure to hang lights and ornaments from its branches this holiday season. Lights along the trees will also increase the brightness of your yard and make it easier to find for holiday guests.
  4. Bushes- Use nets of lights to add a festive touch to your landscaped bushes. Bows can also be incorporated here.
  5. Walkways- Use light stakes to add a festive touch leading up to your front or back door. These lights should coordinate with the lights along your fence to keep your exterior neat and organized.


At Hercules Fence, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of several fence styles throughout the Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina areas. Residential fencing provides a welcoming appearance to complement your home. Our sales team can offer you many selections to choose from to accommodate your privacy, semi-privacy, and decorative needs, and our professionals use only the highest quality materials to install your fence at a price that is reasonable and affordable. We also specialize in commercial fencing to keep your business safe and secure while also looking professional and welcoming.

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