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How Close is Too Close? Planting Near Your Fence

planting a garden near a fence

Make sure you plan ahead before planting a garden near your fence

Planting a garden near your fence can make for a comfortable and beautiful arrangement, but there are a few things to consider. Read our tips for planting near a fence before you start digging and planting. Keeping these tips in mind will help you make the most out of your new garden.


If you own the fence you’re free to plant whatever you’d like. Vine, perennials, or trees can go as close to your fence as you’d like. If your neighbor owns the fence, however, you will need to receive permission before planting anything that will climb or could affect the fence. It may be best to give two to four feet of space between your plants and your neighbors fence, since you could be blamed for any potential damage to the fence.


Since plants need a healthy supply of sunlight in order to grow, planting too close to your fence could keep them from what they need. Some plants, like hydrangeas and lady ferns, need less sunlight than others and will survive better in the shade of your fence.


You may want to consider leaving space around all sides of your garden if you prefer a nice manicured look. Being able to access your garden from all sides is a big help when it comes time to mulch, weed, and plant. Keeping mulch away from your fence can help keep termites and rot to a minimum, but you’ll have to deal with weeds at the base of your fence the hard way.

Consider Your Fence

Unfortunately, fences aren’t indestructible. Depending on what material your fence is made of can change the way you plan your garden, too. Planting a garden next to a wood fence means exposure to moisture, which can lead to rot and potentially termites. A vinyl fence will stand up to the moisture but will show dirt more easily, especially if your fence is white.

Choose Hercules Fence

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