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How To Build A Dog Run

Do you love your dog? Are you tired of the trail of dirt and mud your dog brings in the house during the wet and cold months? If yes to both, you can show your dog love and keep your home clean by building a dog run!

Dogs when having fun in the backyard, have a tendency to track up your lawn and bring in the dirt and mud into your home. By building a dog run, you give your dog a place to run and you can confine their bathroom space to a manageable area, while saving the beauty of your yard.

How to Build a Dog Run

Building a dog run is easy and fun. Pick a decent size area of your yard to make just for your beloved dog. A good area to build a dog run can be a side-yard along the side of your home. Make sure the dog run is at least 10 feet wide. If you need to save on materials, build the dog run along the edge of an existing fence.

Choose your ground material for the dog run.

We do not recommend building your dog run on grass.  Your dog will eat the grass and destroy the grass just by playing on it. To save your grass, lay down wood chips to cover any muddy areas. Wood chips will maintain your grass and keep your dog’s paws clean, especially during the winter. If you do not like wood chips, try using gravel, sand or concrete. If you use gravel, make sure it is not sharp because sharp gravel could cut up your dog’s paws.

To learn about enclosing dog run options and how to save money on your dog run, read this article from

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