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Tips for Choosing the Right Residential Fence for Your Dog

perimeter fence for your dog

Make sure to keep things like your dog’s breed and temperament in mind when choosing a fence.

Dog fences are a type of perimeter fence designed to keep dogs within a certain safe area of their property. Dog fences can be used to keep your dog in, other dogs out, or keep people away from pedigree and guard dogs. All of these are considerations, and the type of perimeter fence used should reflect these considerations and more. Here are some more important things to take into consideration when considering installing a dog fence for the benefit of your furry friend.

Factor The Temperament Of Your Dog Into The Equation

Before installing a perimeter fence, know your dog’s temperament. The fence you need will depend on their breed characteristics such as height and weight, behavior, and personality. Trained guard dogs generally need to be kept away from strangers in unknown situations. Does your dog need to be kept away from people and other dogs for their safety or the safety of other dogs? Does the fence need to block their view to stop them from becoming agitated? Are they a chewer, scratcher, or digger? Knowing these things will help you decided on the most effective perimeter fence.

Get The Right Fence For Your Dog’s Full Grown Size

If you have a large breed dog, it may be a small puppy, but it will soon grow into a huge dog that can easily leap over too short fences if it becomes excited. Make sure you have a fence that your dog cannot easily leap over so they can stay safe and you do not have to worry about them running away.

Know Your Dog’s Chewing Habits

While a small dog can be contained by a lightweight fence, many large and even medium-sized breeds are natural chewers that will damage most fence materials. If you currently have a large dog, or think you may ever want to purchase one, it is a good idea to get the sturdiest fence material possible.

For More Tips on Choosing The Right Perimeter Fence For Your Needs, Contact Hercules Fence

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