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School Playground Fences: What is the Best Fencing?

Do you need to install a school playground fence? If yes, Hercules Fence is here to help you create the safest school playground area.

A playground fence purpose is to keep children safe while keeping hazards out.

When deciding on the best fencing for your playground, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Hercules Fence is here to tell you what to consider before purchasing your playground fence materials. It all has to do with the children’s needs and safety being equally valued in importance.

The first question you should ask yourself is whether children can climb the fence. A playground fence should never be easily climbed over by children. Playground fences are meant to be tall enough to keep children safe and contained.

To make it challenging for children to climb the playground fence, the fence should be at least 4 ft high. You may even want to install an un-climbable fence such as solid wood fencing or vinyl privacy fencing. The two-fence types allow no footholds for climbing. You can also use a chain link fencing if the mesh holes are no more than 25mm.

Next, make sure the fence enclosure you decide upon doesn’t pose any additional threats to your playground. A playground already has enough opportunities for children to be injured. To make your fence as safe for children as possible, make sure the fence installed has no pointed edges or poked out wires.

Wood and vinyl fencing do not have many sharp corners or edges. If going to a chain link fence, have the fence coated with polyvinyl to make a cushion against the wire mesh. And always avoid any fence with bars four inches apart. This is a death trap for children if heads become entrapped.

Learn how Hercules Fence can create a safe playground environment for you by reading Hercules Fence Enters New Partnership With No Fault Sport Group.

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