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Issues That Wire Fencing Might Face

Issues That Wire Fencing Might Face

Here are potential problems your wire fencing can experience.

Wire fencing has many different uses in a variety of settings. It helps to establish property boundaries. It keeps intruders away from you. It also helps keep pets within your yard, if you’re a pet owner. Unfortunately, there are issues that these fences can encounter. The best way to be ready for these issues is to know what they are ahead of time, which is what we’ll be discussing with you now. Here are potential problems your wire fencing can experience.

Rusting and Corroding

This is one of the more common issues that wire fencing will experience. When the fence rusts and corrodes, its structural integrity is compromised and, eventually, the fence will fail you. You can prevent this from happening, though, if you get your fence built with coated or galvanized wiring materials since they have more resistance against rusting and corroding. It also doesn’t hurt to clean your fence occasionally.

Fence Sagging

Something else that could happen to your wire fencing is that the fence could start to sag or get misaligned. This is what happens when your fencing doesn’t have sufficient support keeping it upright. This is something that’s easier to prevent than it is to fix later, and you prevent this problem by ensuring the fence is installed well initially. Frequent inspections of your fence can help as well. In both cases, working with a trusted fencing company can do wonders.

What Materials To Use When Fixing Your Wire Fencing

While prevention of fence damage is best, there’s always the chance you might need to make repairs to your current one. If so, here are materials you should use to rebuild your wire fencing:

  • Fencing staples: useful for securing wiring to your fence posts
  • Post caps: shield the tops of your fence posts from problems like water damage
  • Tension wire: helps to combat issues with fence sagging

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