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Types of Fences That are Resistant to Rusting

Types of Fences That are Resistant to Rusting

Today, we’ll go over different fences you can install that have resistance against rusting.

Fences are valuable parts of our properties, as they not only improve the aesthetic of your landscape, but they also provide extra security by keeping intruders away. Depending on the type of fence you have, though, there could be a problem that pops up, and that problem is rusting. Rust can eat away at different kinds of fencing material, so it’s important to select a fence that doesn’t have this issue. Today, we’ll go over different fences you can install that have resistance against rusting.

Stainless Steel

Many varieties of stainless steel fencing are made with chromium, which helps to give your fence a protective layer that resists corrosion, all while keeping oxygen from getting to the steel at the core of your fence. Some fences also have other elements, like nickel, that provide extra rust resistance.

Aluminum Metal

Aluminum is a popular fencing material because of how lightweight it is. Another perk is that it’s a rust-resistant fencing option because it has practically no iron. Without iron, metal isn’t able to rust, and it will simply oxidize. If an aluminum fence gets wet, an aluminum oxide film will develop onto the surface of your fence, protecting your fence from any more corrosion. It also keeps the metal components of your fence safer.

Galvanized Steel

This type of steel can last quite a long time before it starts to rust. That’s because of a small coat of zinc that’s applied to these fences. Zinc serves as a protective barrier to a galvanized steel fence because it prevents water and oxygen from getting to the actual steel components of your fence. Even when this zinc coating gets scratched away, it can offer protection to surrounding areas of the steel because of a process known as cathodic conservation.

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