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How to Choose the Best Security Fencing

security fencing

When choosing commercial fencing, you’ll want to invest in a structure that checks every box for your security needs.

When you choose your security fencing, think about all the important people and things that the fence will protect. With that in mind, you’ll want to invest in a structure that checks every box for your security needs. Read on for some considerations you should remember when choosing the best security fencing.

Consider Visibility

Your security fence should allow for clear visibility. Fences without this give potential burglars and trespassers places to hide so that they can’t be seen from your property. Furthermore, they’ll be able to surveil your home from a comfortable distance, without you even being able to know that they’re there. Ensure that your choice of security fencing provides visibility so that unwelcome guests are always in the range of sight of your home or business.

Not Easily Climbed

A good and proper security fence should be difficult to climb. In fact, fences that are easy to climb should not be considered security fences at all. Your choice should be high enough to thwart climbing attempts and even feature some form of spikes top or razor wiring. In addition, there should be no horizontal bars or planks that would be easy for trespassers to use as steps on their way over your fence. If they are necessary for building the fence, none should be placed at waist or knee length.

Under the Fence

In the same way that fences should be difficult to climb they should also be difficult or impossible to dig under. Cement footings are the best options for security fencing. They should be placed around the perimeter of the bottom of the fence. Although it’s a feature that can be pricey, it will be worth the peace of mind and protection that it provides for your other investments. In addition, the cement footings also enhance the strength and integrity of your security fencing.

Tough and Steady

Trespassers have various ways in which they’ll try to gain entry to your property. This include using tools and other devices to cut through your security fencing. With that said, the fence should be made of a tough and strong material. If your fence features gates, they should also be made of the same material. Many security fences are made with steel, which is an incredibly tough material that is difficult to manipulate or cut.

Security Fences from Hercules Fence DC

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