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Batting Cages: The Perfect Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Black vinyl coated backstop

Are you looking to start your own baseball and softball training facility? If yes, Hercules Fence makes quality commercial fences that can serve as excellent batting cages.

With the movie 42 out in theaters and baseball fans excited about the Orioles, you can run a successful baseball and softball training facility.

Hercules Fences with our partner No Fault can help you establish a highly functional batting cage facility where children and adults alike can have lessons in pitching, fielding and batting.

No Fault will place down a superior hard surface to help prevent shin and triple knee injuries that come with baseball equipment injuries.

The batting cage can be a stand-alone business operation or be part of a pre-existing business you have such as a laser tag center extra recreational feature.

Your top priority purchases for creating your batting cage establishment will be:

  • Pitching machines
  • Fencing material for the batting cages
  • Baseball equipment (baseballs, bats and helmets).

Hercules Fence highly recommends the purchase of chain link fencing to serve as your batting cage material.

The batting cage business operations need reliable commercial fencing at the facility because baseball player safety needs to be a top priority always.

Check out our vinyl coated chain link fences today. The vinyl coated chain link fences provide all the excellent security of chain link fences with the attractiveness of a vinyl-coated finish. Our vinyl coated fencing features a poly vinyl coating or polyester coating to provide a baked-on finish that is scratch resistant.

If you have any questions or need fence enclosure installments and construction services, contact Hercules Fence by calling (800) TU FENCE or click here today!

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