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Creating Exclusive Gated Communities: Automated Gate Systems

Are you designing a gated community? Gated communities need safe, reliable, elegant residential fences. Hercules Fence and No Fault are here to help you provide an exclusive gated community homeowners can’t resist.

When selling homes in a gated community, you must understand that homebuyers are not simply buying a home. These homebuyers are looking to buy a lifestyle of luxury / upper class living.

With a quality gated community fence, you can demonstrate to homebuyers that quality life, security and the pursuit of happiness can happen behind the gates. Gated community fences are perfect for urban areas as well as suburban areas.

Gated residential community fences are privacy fences, security fences and aesthetically pleasing residential fences.

The better the design of the gated community fence, the higher the property value becomes for homeowners.

Hercules Fence can custom design gated community fences that feature entry codes, key cards and security guards.

What are the benefits of gated communities?

  • Enhanced Community Security
  • Non-Residents have limited access to the community
  • Psychological deterrent to potential criminals
  • Lower levels of unwanted solicitors.
  • Better noise control for heavy traffic streets

Hercules Fence is here to uphold the integrity of your gated community with our custom community gates.

Hercules Fence will provide an excellent level of security to your gated community so homebuyers and homeowners alike feel safe living within the gated community.

Learn about Hercules Fence’s Automated Gate Systems today.

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