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Can fencing protect your home from deer damage?

Residential fencing and livestock fencing

Do you live in an area where deer sightings are frequent? Deers could put your family and property in harms way.

Hercules Fence is here to protect your family and property from deer damage with one of our well designed residential fences.

The white tailed deer is a wildlife that’s know for severely damaging home properties.

You can do some damage control with a quality residential fence

Effective fencing materials used to reduce deer damage are wire and plastic mesh.

Barbed wire and livestock fencing are some of the best fence types for deer damage prevention.

The ideal fence for deer damage control will prevent the deer from jumping over your fence and prevent the deer from digging underneath the fence.

Deers learn how to get over and under fencing by observing others.

You may want to consider an electric fence to deter  deers from entering your property.

Studies have shown us deers will stay away from properties they learn to respect. If they see a mature deer/leader of a pack get injured by a  fence, they will learn to avoid the fence altogether.

Learn more about Hercules Fence’s barbed wire fences, electric fences and residential fences to see what we can do for your property.

We also have available gate systems designed to protect your property from deers.

With our quality fencing you will never again have to worry about deers destroying your beautiful gardens or your property.

There are over 20 million  white tailed deers in the United States.

To warn deers at night that you have an electric fence, we can add polytape to your fence. At night the polytape is highly visible and will alert deers there’s something there and prevent them from running through your fence.

Let us install a superior fence for your home today.

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