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Fence Installation Mistakes to Avoid

fence installation

Fence installation shouldn’t be such a headache! Avoid trouble with these tips.

Summer tiiiimmeee and the living is easy…as long as you don’t make any of these fence installation mistakes! Choosing to install a new fence is a great idea — you don’t have to convince us of that. It’s the matter of going about it that can sometimes cause a few wrinkles in the plan. With appropriate planning and decision making, though, it should go off without a hitch. Here are a few common fence installation mistakes to avoid.

You Didn’t Do Your Homework

As proud as we are to be a one-stop-shop for all your fence installation needs, we can’t get inside your head to know exactly what you want from your new fence. When you’re planning for fence installation, there’s a handful of research that you need to do first. From choosing a material and style to looking up property lines, underground utilities, and zoning regulations, you can’t just go into it blind. You may also need a building permit depending on your local municipalities or homeowners’ association. We’ll help you with this research as best we can, but when it comes to your style and function choices — that’s on you.

Failure to Communicate

As your project progresses, we’ll be sure to stay in touch about how things are going and if there are any hitches in the plan. As with all contracting, construction, or home improvement jobs, an open line of communication between the contractor and the customer is crucial to ensure success. Also, don’t hesitate to ask any questions, as we want the end result to be everything you dreamed of.

Choosing a Fence Contractor Not Named Hercules!

At Hercules Fence, we pride ourselves in bringing top-of-the-line craftsmanship, customer service, and experience to the table in every fence installation project we do. When you choose Hercules, you’re choosing a trusted name in fencing for over 50 years, and a name with plenty of happy customers to back us up. If you’re interested in fence installation with us, go ahead and give us a shout — we can’t wait to get started with you.

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With over 50 years in the fence business, we are well aware that our reputation must be earned anew every day!

Since 1955, our professional team has designed and installed fences to meet the needs of a wide array of clients: residential, commercial, and government. We pride ourselves in installing high quality fences at affordable prices.

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