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What is the Best Tennis Court Fencing?

Are you designing a tennis court? If yes, you will need a reliable tennis court fence and quality tennis court grounding. This article will give you some pointers on designing a quality tennis court fence and overall tennis court design.

Before installing tennis court fencing, Hercules Fence highly recommends having a tennis court full installed.

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As for your tennis court fence, Hercules Fence can custom fit and install your tennis court fence.

The ideal tennis court fence will protect people and animals outside the tennis court from being injured by tennis balls. Tennis players inside the court will have no need to chase down errant shots.

What is our recommendation for tennis court fence type?

Hercules Fence recommends a chain-link fencing because this type of fencing is highly durable, affordable and easy to install.

The tennis court fence will feature metal pipe posts and chain mesh for support. The tennis court fence design can include rails or not. It’s up to you.

If you are not into the appearance of a full chain fence, there are other fencing options available such as wood with chain mesh, masonry walls or thatched fencing.

When designing a tennis fence, it is important to account for fence height and the gap height from the bottom of the fence to the court surface.

We highly recommend that your tennis fence include access gates to provide convenience for accessibility.

There should be at least one double gate present to  allow machinery to access the tennis court. Gate hinges to provide Tennis Players easy operation of gates.

Here are other fence styles to consider:

  • Galvanized Fencing
  • Timber Fencing
  • Vinyl Fencing

If you have any questions or need fence installments and construction services, contact Hercules Fence by calling (800) TU FENCE or click here today!

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