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3 Ways To Restore An Old Fence

Old Fence

Restore your old fence with these tips.

When you get a fence, you expect it to last for a while but you know that one day it’ll old and worn-down. No matter which material you choose, eventually your fence won’t look as good as it once did. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to get extensive repairs done or replace your fence entirely though. There are several things you can do to revitalize the look of your old fence, which could help extend its life.

Power Washing

This is an effective to clean your fence while making it more visually appealing. Power washers are easily accessible and can be found for rental at your local hardware store. They shoot out highly pressurized water onto the surface of your fence, cleaning any deep stains it might have. You will want to take some safety measures though. The sheer power of these washers is not to be underestimated. They can harm you if they aren’t used properly. Make sure to use it a safe distance away from your fence’s surface and to start off on the lowest power setting.


Weatherproofing your fence by staining it has equal aesthetic and practical purposes. Staining your wood fence can give it a rich, dark color that is sure to be eye-catching. It also provides a protective layer from the elements. If your fence is made of a material (like wood and some metals) that is vulnerable to certain weather conditions, then weatherproofing it is vital. It’ll keep your fence from rusting or rotting, which can cause costly structural problems.

Address Other Issues

There are many problems that can affect an older fence, so you should check to see if there are any problems you can fix. Maybe there’s a loose board or it just needs a new paint job. Perhaps you’ve noticed that there’s a broken post. These issues can pile up, and if your fence is older, they might be more of a problem. Essentially you’ll want to do all you can for your older fence to make sure it lasts for as long as possible.



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