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Aluminum Fencing Vs. Wrought Iron Fencing

Are you contemplating on whether to install an aluminum fencing versus a wrought iron fence? If yes, we are here to help you make a final decision by providing you information on what distinguishes the two fences from one another. Make a final decision today. We are here to help.

Just like any fencing, aluminum and wrought iron fencings have advantages and differences from one another. When you know the differences and advantages of specific fencing, you are capable of making wise decisions as a buyer when purchasing a fence.

Here are the differences between aluminum fencing and wrought iron fencing:

Aluminum Fencing


The standard residential aluminum fence is made of 5/8 X 5/8 pickets (vertical) and 1X1 rails (horizontal). The standard aluminum fence is 48” high X 72” wide, weighing 12 pounds. The finish is powder coated. If you are looking for a fence with a lifetime warranty this is a great fence to install because aluminum fencing is maintenance free. You will never have to paint your fence. You will never have to worry about rust, chipping, cracking or peeling.

Wrought Iron Fencing


This type of fencing is made of gauge square tubing for the pickets and punched channel for the rail. It is 48” high X 96” making it wider than the aluminum fencing. The finish is black powder coated. Unlike the aluminum fencing, its warranty is 10 years for the fence and one year for the finish. This fencing will inevitably rust in time. You will have to occasionally maintenance your fence.

Now that you know the differences between the two fencings, here are the advantages:

Advantages of Aluminum Fencing


You know for one that aluminum fencing is maintenance free. It is great if you want the look of wrought iron with out the maintenance. The fencing is much lighter in weight than wrought iron. It comes in a variety of styles and five standard color options.

You can let your fence blend in with your property setting or you can make it stand out to enhance your property appeal. The choice is yours.

Aluminum fencing can be used for both residential and industrial projects because the range of grades makes it a very stable fencing. It is easy to install and repair. This fencing guarantees you will save time and money.

Advantages of Wrought Iron Fencing

If you are looking for a heavy-duty fence, a wrought iron fence is the fence for you. This fencing is great for high security settings and a great fence to install if you expect much wear and tear. It is a very beautiful fence. Wrought iron fencing is best installed on level terrain or a retaining wall.

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Source: The Difference Between Aluminum and Wrought Iron Fence?

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