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How to Improve the Security Levels of Your Chain-Link Fencing

How to Improve the Security Levels of Your Chain-Link Fencing

Here is what you can do so your chain-link fencing offers more security.

Chain-link fencing is an option for fences that many people use. These fences are known for their cost-effective nature and high durability. However, there are ways to improve a chain-link fence so that it can provide you with more security. The more security a fence can provide you, the more protection your property will have. Here is what you can do so your chain-link fencing offers more security.

Understand Your Gauge

Fabric for chain-link fencing is available in a number of different gauges, which are wire diameters. The wire increases in thickness as the number goes down. By familiarizing yourself with the different gauge numbers, you will be able to more easily determine what thickness your chain-link fencing should have.

Think About Getting a Bottom Rail

Climbing over a fence is one of the most expected ways for people to bypass one, but people can also go underneath them. Going under a fence becomes easier over time, so it can help install a bottom rail. This way, people will have a much tougher time when attempting to burrow underneath your chain-link fencing.

You Could Also Try Buried Mesh

If you aren’t going to get a bottom rail installed, you can use mesh as an alternative method for protecting the bottom of your fence. It’s also great for protecting your property against certain animals that may try to tunnel their way under your fence.

Buried mesh can make the installation of your chain-link fencing more labor-intensive, however, it’s best to install the mesh at the time of the installation. If you wait until after the installation is finished, it will be more of a chore.

Steel Fittings

Steel fittings are another great way to raise the security levels of your chain-link fencing. They’re more tough than cast-aluminum, but that isn’t the reason these fittings are great for raising security. What’s great about steel fittings is that you can weld them firmly into place once you’ve finished installing them, and that makes it much more difficult to tamper with your fencing. This is why prison fencing makes use of steel fittings.

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